Main You're visiting the official site of my solo project Lord Lucas. I'm creating music, which can be as - marbid, mystical, black-death metal. Anybody interested in my work should visit the mp3 section, from which you can download my recordings. If you feel like giving your opinion on my music, feel free to sign my Guestbook. If you have any questions, hints or observations which you would like to address to me directly, you can find my e-mail in the Contact section.

Lord Lucas was established in january 2002. It was the time, in which my first songs were created, they were different tracks, with different sound and stylistics. My first CD-demo "Insygnia" was recorded in february 2004. All tracks from the album are composed and recorded by me, i am also the author of all the lyrics.

In february of 2004, i recorded my first CD-demo "Insygnia". You can find six tracks on this album: Intro (instrumental), Widzenie [Vision], Kult JA [Cult Of I], Substancja [Substance], Insygnia [Insignia] (instrumental). The music can be described as morbid, mystical, black-death metal.
Current line-up: All instruments, vocals and lyrics - Lord Lucas.
You can download the whole album from the mp3 section.

The section of downloads. All the tracks which you can find here are composed by me exclusively.

Lord Lucas - Insygnia
1. Intro.mp3
2. Widzenie.mp3
3. Kult JA.mp3
4. Substancja.mp3
5. Insygnia.mp3
6. Gotowi na przyjście.mp3

Demo - Insygnia.rar - [11,8Mb] the whole "Insygnia" demo CD, packed with winrar.
Ukrzyżowanie mentalne.mp3 - [1,63Mb] an experimental, instrumental track - people say that it "fucking slays"


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